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Recruiting Platforms

recruiting platforms

Help Make Sure You Never Run Out of Leads

To continue building momentum as an independent agency, each and every year you need a full pipeline of leads to keep your business growing. In order to do that, sometimes you need to leverage proven, external recruiting platforms to help complement your organic marketing efforts. The problem is there are many agent recruiting companies out there that want to separate you from your money without delivering meaningful results.

At Partners Advantage, through our own recruiting efforts, we’ve effectively used third-party vendors to assist us in filling our funnel with agent leads. When we find companies that do what they promise, they make our list of vendors. In many cases, through our relationships and purchasing power, we can offer exclusive discounts to the agencies affiliated through us.

When you align with Partners Advantage, we can work with your team and put you in touch with proven, external recruiting platforms you can use at a discount to complement your recruiting efforts.

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