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Enjoy Prospecting That Works


Quickly Convert Eager Prospects into Clients

Request the on-demand webinar to learn about a break-away prospecting opportunity that gives you more qualified people to see. We know from first-hand experience that this program generates results. As you know, some prospecting programs work better than others, and we're here to say that workshop marketing isn't dead. This seminar prospecting program generates:

  • An average 2% response rate to your mailer ... and you don't have to feed them
  • An average 70% set appointments
  • A way to immediately offset your marketing costs in the first appointment
  • A protected territory to keep other financial professionals out

If you want to generate more leads with a proven prospecting program, complete the form for an on-demand webinar that will change the way you look at seminar marketing. You'll start working with eager prospects that want you to immediately solve their concerns. This is a territory-protected program, so learn more now ... before it's too late.

Watch the Webinar Now!

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