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Nurture Your Prospects.
Make More Sales.

Automate Your Prospecting Efforts

If you're doing any type of client prospecting activity, we can show you how to have a better marketing Return on Investment (ROI) than restaurant giant McDonald's by using Prospecting 365.

Prospecting 365 automates your marketing, prospecting, and client management efforts 365 days-a-year. With this program, you stay in constant contact with your leads, prospects and clients. Because you nurture these relationships with ongoing contact, when they're ready to make a financial decision they turn to you for help. We offer over 100 different pre-built campaigns on important topics such as:

  • Guaranteeing a retirement paycheck
  • Paying for college
  • Awareness of Social Security claiming options
  • Protecting loved ones from financial hardship
  • Annual financial reviews
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Birthday campaigns
  • Holiday Campaigns
  • General nurturing campaigns
  • Required Minimum Distribution campaigns
  • Medicare campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Welcome tracks ... and more

Prospecting 365 even offers the option to build custom campaigns specifically for your business.  We help you get started using the more than 100-pre-built campaigns targeted exclusively for the financial services industry. Prospecting 365 will lift your lead, prospect and client conversions.

Take time to learn how you can have a 200% Return on Investment (ROI) by using a predictable and automated way to grow and nurture your business every day of the year. If you are conducting any type of regular prospecting activity like workshops, Prospecting 365 will dramatically lift your results.

The bottom line is, if you are not staying in regular contact with leads, prospects and clients, chances are another advisor is. With Prospecting 365 you'll see consistent results and convert more business.

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