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Position Yourself as an Authority on Tax-Free Supplemental Retirement Income

Are your clients concerned about how tax increases could impact their retirement lifestyle? Do they know how much of their retirement savings will be paid to “Uncle Sam”? Are they aware it’s possible to have tax-free income in retirement?

Life Income Authority -Tax Book 3D cover

For over 25 years, we’ve worked with financial professionals to use properly funded and structured life insurance to help clients save on taxes in retirement. Now, we’ve written a book that you can use to help position yourself as an authority on life insurance as a tax-free income source in retirement.

You can even have your name put on this book titled, “Taxes: A Big Risk to Your Retirement Lifestyle,” and share with clients to show you know your stuff.

In the book, your prospective and existing clients will discover:

  • How to be more tax-efficient with their savings
  • The real difference between paying taxes now or deferring until retirement
  • The benefits of tax diversification
  • And more!

Preview the Book Now

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