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You Only Pay For Your Seminar Attendees


Run A Successful Seminar — Even If You've Never Done One

We care about growing your business, and seminars are one of the time-tested ways of reaching large numbers of qualified prospects in your area. But today you can’t get the right people in the room the same ways you might have in the past. Your successful seminar hinges on:

  • Identifying affluent prospects in your community
  • Selecting the ideal venue
  • Building interest in your event
  • Following up and nurturing prospects
With our program, you’ll have access to top-tier seminar service that manages each of these aspects so you can attract quality leads and potentially gain new clients. Our program includes:
  • Registration Guarantee—You only pay if there are registrants
  • Attendance Guarantee—You only pay for those that attend
  • We Book Your Venue
  • We Send Reminder Emails
  • We Make Confirmation Calls

If you’re frustrated with seminars that are a bust, we want to help. Complete the form to watch the OnDemand webinar, and we'll show you how to run a more successful and cost-effective seminar.

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