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Cross-Selling Support


Offer More Than One Product Line with Confidence

Your agency has become an expert in one product line and maybe over the years, you’ve dabbled in others. To become more proficient you’ve tried everything from outsourcing, to training, to hiring new people but you just aren’t getting the traction you’d like and you’re perhaps, losing producers because of it.

You wouldn’t mind just staying in your lane, but you know that these days, you can’t be a monoline business. You need to offer annuities, life insurance, and linked benefits because that’s what’s in clients’ best interest and it’s how you keep your producers from writing business through a different agency.

What you need is a partner who will help you identify the opportunities in the areas that aren’t in your wheelhouse. Someone who can point you to the most competitive products and help you position them appropriately so that you can actually make cross-selling profitable for your agency.

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